Sunday, April 20, 2014


46 days left in Europe. Weird, right? Most of me is incredibly excited and only some bits are beginning to feel the twinge of sadness. 

Here's what's been going on in my little world of schnitzel, wine spritzers and teaching:

  • had my medical exams and have ruled out anything remotely cancerous, ulcer-related, or otherwise chronic. still not sure what's exactly up but I have a hunch it's been mostly stress fueled...oi. (plus a possible food intolerance ultimately made worse by worrying and fretting! HURRAH.) but yeah, WOO! good news, really.
  • spring has finally sprung. trees are green. flowers are in bloom. the sun comes out at least a few times a week...cannot complain.
  • after stanley's visit I spent a weekend in Vienna with my babes and had a grand old time. was a much needed break from my doldrums and refueled the spirits.
swings are not just for children

park day with my bezzie

  • here are some instagrammed whatsits 

my beautiful city

artsy cupcakes

particularly good day with sun and mixtapes in the mail
  • just had a wonderful Amsterdam adventure with the best friend and an Easter feast the day after I got back.  things are good.

Although I'll miss this little town and the European way of life I will not, let me repeat, not miss teaching.
Over and out.

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